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We’re giving away tickets to teachers at every show!
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We started Tickets for Teachers to honor educators who inspire and challenge us to be the best versions of ourselves. If not for the teachers in our lives, Delta Rae wouldn't be doing what we love or sharing our music with you.

Liz, Grant, and Mike themselves were teachers before joining Delta Rae and our current single "A Long and Happy Life" draws its title and inspiration from Ian's former English professor, renowned southern author, and dear friend Reynolds Price.

Throughout this tour we want to shine a spotlight on the contributions from many of the best among us -- the teachers.  Whether a traditional school teacher, college professor, music instructor or a particularly influential mentor, we want to hear your stories of the people who have inspired you.  Nominate that educator - or yourself if you’re a teacher - and tell us why you feel you/they deserve tickets to our show and a special shout-out from stage!


• 2 tickets for the winning teacher
• Meet and Greet with the band before the show
• Acknowledgement from the band during show


• You may nominate one teacher per show
• If you're a teacher, you can nominate yourself
• Nominations must be received two weeks before each show
• At least one nomination will be selected for each show
• You may submit nominations for multiple shows
• Headline shows only (free events and festivals not available)

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